Suggested Reading

John Walsh, Susan Schindehette
Tears of Rage

ISBN: 067100669X, Paperback - $7.99 BUY
In this aptly titled book, John Walsh traces the steps that led him from being a grieving father to becoming a grieving father who hosts TV's America's Most Wanted, the Fox true-crime show that hunts down bad guys every week through a toll-free tip line. Walsh, however, seems ambivalent about the fame he's been granted. He presents a somewhat halting, uncertain narrative in this autobiography (cowritten with Susan Schindehette), and he makes it clear all the way through that his life is really only driven by one thing: the still-unsolved 1981 abduction and murder of his 6-year-old son, Adam. Walsh's anger and frustration over a "bumbling" police investigation of his son's murder is evident throughout. According to Walsh, the Hollywood, Florida, Police Department should have arrested a drifter named Ottis Toole--a convicted serial killer who played sidekick for many years to the notorious killer Henry Lee Lucas. Walsh speculates that the police had "formed their own ideas" about who killed Adam and didn't want to believe Toole could have been responsible. But Walsh is convinced, and he presents a large amount of evidence to support his case. Unfortunately, it's too late: Ottis Toole died several years ago in prison.


Kathleen O'Hara
A Grief Like No Other

ISBN: 1569242976 , Paperback - 9.48 BUY
A Grief Like No Other is the book no one wants to ever have to buy; sadly, many people continue to need it. From 9/11 to Cindy Sheehan's son – from mass tragedies like the recent London bombings to Law and Order type crimes that make the news only to be replaced by another name. As such, more people are left with the aftermath of dealing with the violent death of a loved one. It brings its own special brand of grieving since victim’s families can spend years dealing with legal ramifications, guilt, and a myriad of other circumstances that don’t accompany “normal” deaths. Kathleen O’Hara knows both sides of this coin. As a therapist, she has counseled hundreds of people dealing with grief. As a mother, she saw her worst fears realized when her college-aged son was brutally murdered in 1999. In the aftermath of Aaron’s murder, O’Hara developed the seven stage journey that is at the heart of A Grief Like No Other. Although this is a book for those left behind in the aftermath of violence, it offers concrete and practical steps and stages, allowing family and friends safe passage through this incredibly harrowing journey.                        

Jeanne White with Susan Dworkin
Weeding Out The Tears
ISBN: B000ND7O62, Hardcover - 2.89 BUY            

Bill Jenkins
What To Do When The Police Leave

ISBN: 0966760018, Paperback - 12.95 BUY
Bob Wallace, Chief of Police Magazine Only someone who has experienced personal tragedy could be so effective in providing this kind of support and guidance. Jean Lewis, Parents of Murdered Children, Inc. A needed and invaluable source of practical, insightful information for both survivors ... and the professionals who work with them.


Dr. James Dobson
When God Doesn't Make Sense

ISBN: 0842382372 , Paperback - 11.50 BUY
An immensely practical book for those who are struggling with trials and heartaches they can’t understand. Why does disease, natural disaster, divorce, rejection, death, or some other sorrow seep into our lives when we are trying to serve the Lord? It just doesn’t seem fair! This book deals unflinchingly with life’s most troubling question—the awesome “Why?” Drawing on his long experience as a Christian psychologist and family counselor, Dr. Dobson brings hope to those who have almost given up. When God Doesn’t Make Sense also helps believers avoid the “betrayal barrier”—the sense that God is abandoning them amid the storms of life.


Katherine Donnelly
Recovering From The Loss of a Child

ISBN: 0595140386 , Paperback - 18.95 BUY
When a child dies, the pain and shock can seem unbearable. But in sharing, understanding, and accepting this tragic loss, emotional recovery is possible. Katherine Fair Donnelly's groundbreaking book shows bereaved parents, siblings, and others how to cope with one of life's cruelest blows. With inspiring firsthand accounts from others who have survived this heartbreaking experience, this compassionate and reassuring volume can help in healing the heart—and learning to live again.


Aftermath, In the Wake of Murder

ISBN: 1883581354 , Paperback - 20.00 BUY
Reader review: "This book validates our feelings as well as helps us cope with the "new life" we are driven into after a loved one's murder. I encourage every survivor to read this book as well as anyone who knows a murder victim survivor. Although the book is written for survivors, it will help others understand what we are going through."                        


A Journey Through Grief

ISBN: 1568380372 , Paperback - 6.95 BUY
Dr. Alla Rene Bozarth is an award-winning poet, Gestalt therapist, and Episcopal priest. She is the author of twenty-eight titles of prose books, poetry collections and audiotapes, including Hazelden's Life is Goodbye/Life is Hello and A Journey Through Grief, as well as Stars in Your Bones, Soulfire, Lifelines, Wisdom and Wonderment, and WomanPriest.Dr. Bozarth holds degrees in performing arts from Northwestern University and a certificate in Gestalt psychotherapy from the Gestalt Training Center of San Diego.Currently she lives near Mt. Hood in western Oregon, where she is the director of Wisdom House, a center for healing and spirituality.            

 How to go on living when someone you love dies

ISBN: 0553352695, Paperback - 11.56 BUY
"Dr. Rando's book should help anyone who has survived the pain of this kind of loss and is trying to adjust to a new world without his loved one."--Art Linkletter