Handbook for Victims & Witnesses

Victim's Bill of Rights:Florida

You, as a victim of a crime, are entitled to the following rights:

* The victim has the right to be informed, to be present, and to be heard (when relevant) at all crucial stages of the criminal and juvenile proceedings, and to be told how to participate in those proceedings.

* To be free from intimidation.

* To be told of possible financial compensation for victims of violent crimes.

* To be told of possible compensation in the form of restitution.

* To be told of social services agencies which can help you.

* To be assisted by your criminal justice agencies.

* If the victim of domestic violence, to be informed of the address confidentiality program through the Attorney General's Office.

* To receive prior notification of the release, escape, or if the convicted is being sent to a work release program in the community.

There are other rights legislated for victims. You may call the Attorney General's Office at 850-414-3300 or 800-226-6667 for a complete list of Bill of Rights.